Help us produce the sauv blanc of cannabis

Puro has premium land in Marlborough, a licence to grow and buyers at the ready. All we need now is you.

Our PledgeMe campaign commences on November 6, 2019 and will give New Zealanders an opportunity to be part of our journey and reap the rewards from this fast growing industry.

Premium land

We have secured two premium growing sites in Marlborough where we will grow both medical cannabis and CBD hemp.

Our two locations are blessed with long sunshine hours and high UV ratings – conditions similar to those in California. The region's high sunshine hours and UV ratings will help us produce higher yielding plants at lower cost.

Our sites give us the capacity to become New Zealand’s largest grower of medical cannabis and hemp.

Licenced to grow

We’re the first company to undertake a PledgeMe crowdfunding campaign with a licence to grow medical cannabis secured from the Ministry of Health.

A rapidly growing market

Worldwide, the medical cannabis industry is growing rapidly. Closer to home, a report from The Agribusiness Group into the New Zealand market concluded that if just 1% of those who could benefit from medical cannabis in New Zealand obtained a prescription for it, the market could be worth $379 million each year.

Buyers lined up

Before even sowing a seed we've secured contracts with 7 pharmaceutical companies and extraction partners to buy what we grow. They will then create medicines that will help thousands of people suffering debilitating conditions.

Potential for significant returns

Given the rapidly growing nature of the medical cannabis market, it is not surprising there is potential for significant investor returns. Based on conservative profitability assumptions, PledgeMe investors in Puro can expect an after-tax return on investment of 34% in our second full year of production.

Using conservative financial modelling, Puro has been independently valued at $23 million. If we calculated our value the way the established Canadian industry does, our valuation could be close to $100 million.

Help us grow

Become part of our journey by investing in our PledgeMe campaign.

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